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Below are some common questions. If you require further information, please contact us and we will respond to you quickly. We appreciate your interest.

Recently in Australia a number of pills were purchased from different sources and less than 50% contained any MDMA. Some contained mixtures of drugs such as Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Opioids, Methylone and Mephedrone and other synthetic cathinones. Also every now and again the very dangerous and lethal PMA and PMMA turns up.

Therefore always TEST and BE SAFE! This is our motto!

If the kit is kept in a cool dark place such as a fridge then it will last a couple of years. Make sure you allow your kit to reach room temperature for more accurate results.

You can test your reagents with things that you may have around the house. For Marquis test with aspirin and it will turn red or sugar will turn yellow. For Mandelin use paracetamol and it will turn weak green. For mecke use sugar and it will turn brilliant yellow then orange brown. For simon’s use a generous amount of 5-HTP and it turns a dark greyish blue/purple eventually fading to greenish brown after a few minutes. For Robatest (Robadope) use a very generous amount of 5-HTP and it will slowly turn pink and may turn darker after 10 minutes.

When you test, there should not be any flashes of yellow,  red, green or any other colours. Also, when you rinse your white plate with water, just use a trickle of water and look for flashes of other colours. This indicates your sample is a mixture.

Yes completely legal as they are legal chemical reagents made from legal chemicals.

Yes we ship kits in a plain unmarked jiffy bag using Australia Post.

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